Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random Church-related Post

So, I've been taking the two older kids to church (almost) every Sunday for the past year and half or so. We went periodically before that - but kids are a good excuse to not get right in the shower on Sunday morning. Anyway, after G turned four, I decided it was time to get the kids to church regularly. We trek to 9:30 Mass most Sundays now. It's very funny to watch them absorb religion (or, at least, religious tradition).

G will wander around the house some weeks, singing the Alleluia. He knows how to make the Sign of the Cross - although the second position ("the Son") is often at his belly button instead of his heart. And, most interestingly, he strikes the crucifixion pose every Sunday while sitting in the third or fourth pew from the front - directly in front of the main Crucifix. He crosses his feet, stretches his arms out with two fingers out and the others folded in and then hangs his head. A quick slap to the arm usually ends the kindergarten blasphemy...

M usually just wants to know how many more songs until Mass is over. She keeps track of the songs on the board listing the hymn numbers at the front of church. She learned to genuflect. But she jumps the gun a little. Instead of genuflecting before entering the pew, she genuflects to the bulletin table as she walks in and takes our bulletin. She's very reverent of the bulletin...

They both want to know - every week - when are they going to be able to get the Church Cookie (their phrase, not mine). They are in for a real letdown when they ultimately taste the host at First Communion. Not so much a cookie.

Today's random question during Mass: "Mom, what does domo arigato mean?" (I told him that it meant "goodbye" because I know they say it at the end of karate class. I've now looked it up - and it means "thank you very much.")

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yesterday was a good day

For funny kid comments...

G was upstairs trying to keep M out of his room. He was standing in the doorway as she was trying to get in, telling her : "Stay out, it's private!"

Not three minutes later, he was downstairs asking me, "Mom, what does 'private' mean?"



After I explained that people in other countries speak different languages, I asked G what language he spoke.

His answer: "I speak Spanish and real talk."

Me: "That's called English."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Favorite Word

G's new favorite word: "freakin'"

Today's use: It's just a freakin' dog.

We were shopping with my mom when we saw someone with an older (read: calm) golden retriever on the sidewalk at the shopping center. M was a little skittish. G's response? "It's just a freakin' dog."

Which, of course, sent me, my mom and the dog's owner into giggles - as I tried to reprimand G and explain that "freakin'" isn't so much a polite word.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Screaming Babies

Conversation in the car on the way home from camp today, while Thing#1 was screaming his head off for reasons unknown:

G: Mom, the baby is crying very loudly.

M: Yes, it's crescendo.

You will note that my 5 year old used good grammar by modifying "crying" with an appropriate adverb, a skill unknown to many adults. And that my 4 year old describes sounds with musical Italian.

Also important to note: The whole discussion began with G's exclamation of "Gee, he's FREAKIN' loud!" Yeah, that probably negates any points he got for the correct use of the adverb...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Helmet-less man, riding large Harley on a very busy street yesterday at noon. Talking on a cell phone (i.e. controlling his ginormous motorcycle with one hand?).

I kinda wanted to get in front of him and hit my brakes, just to teach him a lesson...I refrained, because I would have been late to pick the kids up from day camp.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Church, Age 5

Last week:

"Mom, excuse me, Mom? I really want Optimus Prime."

This week:

"Mom, umm, where exactly is my shin?"

Transformers and anatomy? Apparently, more interesting than Jesus.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

43" with a Responsible Adult

We spent all of yesterday afternoon at Worlds of Fun. G is about 48 inches tall and, therefore, tall enough for most rides other than the big roller coasters. M, however, is probably about 41 inches tall and not tall enough for many rides. There were many rides though for which she was tall enough to ride as long as she was seated "with a responsible adult."

The final ride of the evening for us was actually a roller coaster called "Spinning Dragons." M appeared to be about 2 inches shy of the height requirement for riding accompanied by an adult - per the measure stick at the entrance to the ride. We decided to try anyway as she was relatively close. She measured perfectly 43" by the measuring stick that the ride operator had! Go figure. Anyway, she loved it and, immediately upon finishing the ride, said "Let's do that again!" (She also loved the centrifugal force ride where it spins and you get stuck to the wall.)

So, while waiting in line for the second ride, my father (who was with us) and I discussed that there was a measurement for the first requirement - height - but no qualification of the "responsible adult" requirement. I think I may have been automatically disqualified from being "responsible" for even allowing my four year old child to ride a roller coaster...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Apropos of Nothing

G: I want to go to Grandma's and watch Scooby-Do 2 because it's really scary...

M: I like things that are scary. And also things that are spicy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sad and Pathetic? Or Hip and Trendy?

Okay, so, for the very first time ever (that I can recall), I saw an outfit on a celebrity and specifically sought out said outfit for myself. Has anyone else done this? Is this weird? Apparently, if I'm weird, so is everyone else. I had to search and search the internet - because the damn dress is sold out EVERYWHERE. Almost every color and almost every size. I wanted it in white but settled for this rose color.

But it was so cute! [Jennifer Garner, by the way.]

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

Me, frazzled and trying to mix frosting while a 4 and 5 year old hover in wait, constantly underfoot: Guys! If you just leave me alone for 3 minutes, I'll let you each lick a beater when I'm finished. Do you want to do that? Lick a beater?

G, without missing a beat: Well, if you insist.


Later, in the car:

G: Look a karate center! [pointing to a storefront with Chinese characters in the sign]

Me: That's a Chinese restaurant.

G: Why do they do karate at the Chinese restaurant?


And later still, on the way home:

M: Mom, my favorite restaurant is Chik-Fil-A. I want to go there tomorrow for lunch. It's my favorite. Do you know why it's my favorite? Because they have a playground there.

[I interrupt at this point to remind her that we are going to the country club pool tomorrow and will probably have lunch there.]

M: Oh. Right. What do they have to eat there? I will have a hot dog. With ketchup and mustard. And chips. I'll probably have chips or something. And water. With ice. Or we could just bring our own lunch there. Maybe peanut butter sandwiches...or crackers...or salad...or something. And we could also bring dessert. Like, maybe cookies. Or, what other dessert could we bring, Mom? I need to bring my floatie too. It's in the garage. I'm going to wear my blue striped cover-up with the red star buttons over my swimsuit. It's really a dress. But it's also a cover-up.

[At this point, we pulled into the garage and I stopped even passively listening. She may still be talking for all I know...]