Thursday, July 12, 2007

43" with a Responsible Adult

We spent all of yesterday afternoon at Worlds of Fun. G is about 48 inches tall and, therefore, tall enough for most rides other than the big roller coasters. M, however, is probably about 41 inches tall and not tall enough for many rides. There were many rides though for which she was tall enough to ride as long as she was seated "with a responsible adult."

The final ride of the evening for us was actually a roller coaster called "Spinning Dragons." M appeared to be about 2 inches shy of the height requirement for riding accompanied by an adult - per the measure stick at the entrance to the ride. We decided to try anyway as she was relatively close. She measured perfectly 43" by the measuring stick that the ride operator had! Go figure. Anyway, she loved it and, immediately upon finishing the ride, said "Let's do that again!" (She also loved the centrifugal force ride where it spins and you get stuck to the wall.)

So, while waiting in line for the second ride, my father (who was with us) and I discussed that there was a measurement for the first requirement - height - but no qualification of the "responsible adult" requirement. I think I may have been automatically disqualified from being "responsible" for even allowing my four year old child to ride a roller coaster...

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  1. That's totally a "Dad" type comment - about the responsible adult...