Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

Me, frazzled and trying to mix frosting while a 4 and 5 year old hover in wait, constantly underfoot: Guys! If you just leave me alone for 3 minutes, I'll let you each lick a beater when I'm finished. Do you want to do that? Lick a beater?

G, without missing a beat: Well, if you insist.


Later, in the car:

G: Look a karate center! [pointing to a storefront with Chinese characters in the sign]

Me: That's a Chinese restaurant.

G: Why do they do karate at the Chinese restaurant?


And later still, on the way home:

M: Mom, my favorite restaurant is Chik-Fil-A. I want to go there tomorrow for lunch. It's my favorite. Do you know why it's my favorite? Because they have a playground there.

[I interrupt at this point to remind her that we are going to the country club pool tomorrow and will probably have lunch there.]

M: Oh. Right. What do they have to eat there? I will have a hot dog. With ketchup and mustard. And chips. I'll probably have chips or something. And water. With ice. Or we could just bring our own lunch there. Maybe peanut butter sandwiches...or crackers...or salad...or something. And we could also bring dessert. Like, maybe cookies. Or, what other dessert could we bring, Mom? I need to bring my floatie too. It's in the garage. I'm going to wear my blue striped cover-up with the red star buttons over my swimsuit. It's really a dress. But it's also a cover-up.

[At this point, we pulled into the garage and I stopped even passively listening. She may still be talking for all I know...]

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