Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random Church-related Post

So, I've been taking the two older kids to church (almost) every Sunday for the past year and half or so. We went periodically before that - but kids are a good excuse to not get right in the shower on Sunday morning. Anyway, after G turned four, I decided it was time to get the kids to church regularly. We trek to 9:30 Mass most Sundays now. It's very funny to watch them absorb religion (or, at least, religious tradition).

G will wander around the house some weeks, singing the Alleluia. He knows how to make the Sign of the Cross - although the second position ("the Son") is often at his belly button instead of his heart. And, most interestingly, he strikes the crucifixion pose every Sunday while sitting in the third or fourth pew from the front - directly in front of the main Crucifix. He crosses his feet, stretches his arms out with two fingers out and the others folded in and then hangs his head. A quick slap to the arm usually ends the kindergarten blasphemy...

M usually just wants to know how many more songs until Mass is over. She keeps track of the songs on the board listing the hymn numbers at the front of church. She learned to genuflect. But she jumps the gun a little. Instead of genuflecting before entering the pew, she genuflects to the bulletin table as she walks in and takes our bulletin. She's very reverent of the bulletin...

They both want to know - every week - when are they going to be able to get the Church Cookie (their phrase, not mine). They are in for a real letdown when they ultimately taste the host at First Communion. Not so much a cookie.

Today's random question during Mass: "Mom, what does domo arigato mean?" (I told him that it meant "goodbye" because I know they say it at the end of karate class. I've now looked it up - and it means "thank you very much.")


  1. Domo arigato Mr. Roboto.... Thank you very much oh Mr. Roboto...

    Didn't Styx teach you anything, Kate?

  2. I guess I've tried to repress any Styx-related memories - much like an abuse victim might repress memories of abuse. I do remember that the video was a little freaky.