Thursday, August 23, 2007

Creating Your Own Reality

Day Three of Kindergarten. Out marches G's class to line up to be delivered into the waiting line of moms' cars. Without G. I sat in line and waiting for another teacher to bring him out. Maybe he had to use the bathroom? I knew better....

When the line reached me, G's teacher called out his name to come up and get in the car. Of course, he didn't answer. Because he wasn't there. She told me that she was sure that he had probably lingered at the front doors of the school, chatting with a teacher. Which would actually not surprise me in the least. He's a big socializer, with adults.

Finally, after all of the other children had been deposited into their respective mother's vehicles, out comes a teacher with G in tow. His teacher walked him to the car. When he saw me, he said:

MOM! Where have you been?!

I, of course, said: I've been right here. Where have YOU been?

G: My class got lost.

(He had actually tagged along with the line going to after-school care and then realized that he didn't know where he was going, so asked a teacher to help him find his class and his mom.)

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