Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Dude

My husband plays bass guitar in a cover band (which played exactly two shows last year and zero so far this year). The band rehearses periodically in my basement, usually after the kids are in bed. The guys came over last night before the big kids were in bed though. This was so M (again, four years old) could sing a song with them before she retired for the night: "She's Tight" by Cheap Trick. Yeah, I know....

Anyway, the kids know the other guitar player in the band, Steve, well and are always excited to see him. The drummer is a friend of Steve's and the kids have met him only once. Aaron does have a day job but has more of a stereotypical rock 'n roll appearance than the clean-cut mortgage lending members of the band. Specifically, Aaron has long-ish hair and some fairly large and visible tattoos.

So, when Steve and Aaron walked into our house last night very shortly before the kids' bedtime, G was very, very excited and kept saying, over and over, things like:

"Stevie! Stevie! You brought a DUDE with you!"
"Hey, Dude!"
"DUDE, nice tattoos!"
"WOW, look at those tattoos, Dude!"
"Mom, look! Steve brought a DUDE!"

He was told that the Dude's name was Aaron. Aaron showed G his tattoos. M sang Cheap Trick for everyone and I took them off to bed. G's last words before the lights went out (five minutes after leaving the basement where the band was)? "Mom, I miss Aaron..."


Side Note: G starts kindergarten on Friday. Sigh.

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