Thursday, August 9, 2007

God and the conjugation of English verbs and other important things

M told me today that God is an invisible spirit and when she ran into Him last night, He giggled. (Apparently, J, upon being asked what God was, told M that God is like an invisible spirit. Not sure why He is giggling.) UPDATE: J told M that God was always with us - like even in the room right now and that she might even bump into Him. And then He would giggle. An interesting theology lesson for you all...


Last night, G used the word "shit" - but he was trying to use the correct tense of the verb "shoot" when he did it. I wish I could remember exactly what he said - but J and I were laughing too hard once we figured out that he was talking about basketball.


And finally, M asked J how babies get into a mom's tummy. He pulled the best parent trick of all. Answered a totally different question - i.e. 'Babies start out really, really tiny and then they grow in the mommy's tummy until they're ready to be born.' She was completely satisfied by this answer. For now.

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