Thursday, August 23, 2007

Google Ads are Funny

Google Ads run on this site. I won't pretend to know how they really work but it has something to do with scanning the site for content and then placing "related" ads on the page. Hypothetically, I would then get paid when people clicked the ads (probably an approximate profit of one-millionth of a cent for each click). Since only three people read this blog, I think, I'm not raking in the dough. But it's funny to see how they work.

For example, the ads are usually child- or parenting-related. My posts are usually child- or parenting-related. But a few posts ago, I wrote about how my son was excitedly calling my husband's friend a "dude" because of his appearance. And the title of the post was "The Dude". No "Big Lebowski" ads. All of the Google ads became links to dude ranch vacations. Who knew?

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