Thursday, August 16, 2007


J is at the Chiefs-Dolphins exhibition game. It is the Dolphins they're playing tonight, right? Really, who cares. Anyway, that's where he is. He ran in from work, changed, explained to the kids where he was going and left. M's only question to him was if he was going to have dinner with us.

Cut to dinner conversation between my 4 year old and 5 year old:

M: G, do you ever miss Dad when he's

G: Work?

M: No, a, uh, meeting and a football game, where he is having dinner too?

G: Yeah, I do.

M: I really miss him a lot when he goes there. I even forget about him while he's gone.

G: Yeah, me too.

M: Me three.

Across the room, feeding babies, I'm thinking: Oh, the guilt trip I am going to launch with this story will be HUGE...

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