Thursday, August 2, 2007

Teeth and Star Wars

G lost his second tooth tonight. J actually pulled it, against G's will. There were tears. And more tears after he realized there was blood. Now, he's in bed. With a pair of pajama pants tied around his head as a "bandage" - kind of like the picture here. It's his "tooth pulling feel better invention."

I've been asked to call the tooth fairy to let her know that she'll need to stop by.

In other news: the kids have been playing a Star Wars video game on Xbox. G is pretty good at it. M informed me today that Princess Leia is on the "Light Side" and "Dark Vader" is from the "Dark Side." Also, C3PO is 3 years old. That, of course, makes guessed it, 2 years old. It all makes perfect sense in the mind of a 4 year old born more than 25 years after I first saw Star Wars at the big theater at the Glenwood. (Do you remember the Glenwood big theatre? It still beats the heck out of the new stadium seating multiplexes.)

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  1. No kidding (re: Glenwood). Can we please have a giant chandelier above our concession stands and curtains across the screen until the movie starts? You know, make it feel like you're actually in a "theatre."