Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Quotes

Best quote from one of my kids -

M, to G after trick-or-treating: Why won't you share your candy with me? If you asked me, I would share your candy with you...

(I have no idea if she meant to say it that way or if she is truly that manipulative at age four and a half.)

Best quote from a trick-or-treater -

Tweenage girl: Trick-or-treat! Thanks! OHMYGOD! I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR CHANDELIER!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Power of Peers: The Beginning

M, four and a half and in preschool at a nearby elementary school, just said to me:

"Will you tie this sweater around here [her waist], like the first graders do? Some first graders do this, Mom..."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

1000 Words

This picture, I think, describes everything you need to know about the core differences between my 9 month old twins:

Sweet and calm? Meet wild and crazy. (Yes, that is an entire crunchy wagon wheel snack in C's mouth.)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Learning to Read

G is in kindergarten and they are learning to read and write. They write in "journals" using their own creative spelling - it's all very phonetic. And cute.

So, I had him write his own thank you email to his grandparents for a Halloween package they sent this week. It was as follows:

der mam

thk u for tu hlwn bk and kde.

luv g

Translation: Dear Mam, Thank you for the Halloween book and candy. Love, G

Then, M decided she needed to send her own email. Using a little bit of phonetic help from G, she came up with the following:

fak u grad for v hat ad v bc ad kad

lav m

Translation: Thank you Grand for the hat and the book and candy. Love M

Both messages made me laugh but I love M's "fak u"!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Educational Television

I, like most (I think) modern parents, try to fool myself into believing that the television programming I allow my children to watch is usually somewhat educational. Except Spongebob. I can't defend Spongebob - although he is actually pretty funny sometimes. Gary the Snail? He cracks me up. But I digress...

As you know, my children believe that they are fluent in Spanish because of Dora. And they often have cultural knowledge which they impart in rather jarring ways. Like a few Christmases ago, G looked at the cover of a coffee table book my mother-in-law bought in Japan and said, "Look, it's the Wave of Kanagawa!" And it was. This knowledge came from the Little Einsteins on Disney Channel.

Last night, I was showing the big kids Las Vegas on Google Earth because J and I are taking a long weekend there for our anniversary beginning tomorrow. I showed them our hotel and then clicked on some of the photos that people have posted of the hotel. M gasped and said, "GONDOLAS!" G followed up with "IT'S A CITY ON THE WATER! IT'S VENICE!!!!!" It is, in fact, the Venetian Hotel and Casino, fake in every way. But my 5 year old knows Venice! That rocks.

And that information, I believe, came from Little Einsteins and/or the Wonderpets (on Nick Jr./Noggin). So, TV is educational, right? I can stop feeling guilty for letting them watch? Right...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I am officially a Nerd

Okay, maybe that became official a long time ago. If so, no one has notified me yet - although it wouldn't be surprising.

I just finished reading all seven Harry Potter books. In two weeks. (Not entirely true: I listened to the first book on audio with my kids in August.)

I have four children. How did I have time to do this, you ask? I'm not sure - but I've got to run now and clean my kitchen, do my laundry and pick up the two weeks of shit that has piled up around my house...

(I really enjoyed the books, by the way.)