Thursday, October 4, 2007

Educational Television

I, like most (I think) modern parents, try to fool myself into believing that the television programming I allow my children to watch is usually somewhat educational. Except Spongebob. I can't defend Spongebob - although he is actually pretty funny sometimes. Gary the Snail? He cracks me up. But I digress...

As you know, my children believe that they are fluent in Spanish because of Dora. And they often have cultural knowledge which they impart in rather jarring ways. Like a few Christmases ago, G looked at the cover of a coffee table book my mother-in-law bought in Japan and said, "Look, it's the Wave of Kanagawa!" And it was. This knowledge came from the Little Einsteins on Disney Channel.

Last night, I was showing the big kids Las Vegas on Google Earth because J and I are taking a long weekend there for our anniversary beginning tomorrow. I showed them our hotel and then clicked on some of the photos that people have posted of the hotel. M gasped and said, "GONDOLAS!" G followed up with "IT'S A CITY ON THE WATER! IT'S VENICE!!!!!" It is, in fact, the Venetian Hotel and Casino, fake in every way. But my 5 year old knows Venice! That rocks.

And that information, I believe, came from Little Einsteins and/or the Wonderpets (on Nick Jr./Noggin). So, TV is educational, right? I can stop feeling guilty for letting them watch? Right...

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