Friday, October 12, 2007

Learning to Read

G is in kindergarten and they are learning to read and write. They write in "journals" using their own creative spelling - it's all very phonetic. And cute.

So, I had him write his own thank you email to his grandparents for a Halloween package they sent this week. It was as follows:

der mam

thk u for tu hlwn bk and kde.

luv g

Translation: Dear Mam, Thank you for the Halloween book and candy. Love, G

Then, M decided she needed to send her own email. Using a little bit of phonetic help from G, she came up with the following:

fak u grad for v hat ad v bc ad kad

lav m

Translation: Thank you Grand for the hat and the book and candy. Love M

Both messages made me laugh but I love M's "fak u"!

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