Saturday, November 3, 2007


I took all four kids to Toys R Us on Friday afternoon to get the hell out of the house/buy a birthday present for their father. All the way there and all the way home, we discussed that we couldn't tell Dad what we bought for him (Guitar Hero III). I felt like they really understood - although I almost certainly expected someone to tell him that we went to the toy store.

Anyway, upon arriving home from work, J looked through the pile of mail on the counter and grabbed a music store catalog. M was sitting at the counter eating her dinner.

J: Ooohh, look M! This catalog is full of lots of excellent gifts! [I believe he said this to be funny as a hint to me for birthday and Christmas.]

M: Oh Dad! We got you your favorite video game for your birthday!

Me: You've got to be kidding...

G: M, it was a secret. [pause] Can I tell him what it is now Mom?

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