Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Religion Makes for Good Blog Fodder

After CCD last night, I asked the kids what they talked about. They told me that they learned about Jesus going to the desert and making bread from rocks. And then they asked me the name of that evil thing with wings that was on Jesus's shoulder in the desert, telling Him to do bad things. Being Catholic, I'm not terribly familiar with my Bible and I didn't immediately recognize their re-telling as the Temptation of Christ in the desert by Satan.

Anyway, we figured out that the evil thing with wings was the Devil. Today, all they can talk about is the Devil.

M: If the Devil told me to do a bad thing or to turn something into something else - like turn that tree or our house into a pineapple - I would tell him "No way, Jose!" and punch him in the face.

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  1. Almost as funny as M's comment is the so true fact that being Catholic means you don't know the Bible very well. There was a trivia question at a bar one time, where the 2 Catholics didn't know the New Testament question, but the Jew did... Now, ask me about my sacraments, and I'm set.