Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lenten Lessons

The kids learned the Crucifixion story tonight at CCD. I just adore quizzing them about what they learned. They invariably get something twisted and it's too funny. Occasionally blasphemous, sure. But usually good for a laugh. Heh. I guess that makes me a little twisted.

Tonight, they played with something called Resurrection Eggs. These are apparently plastic Easter eggs with some Easter/Crucifixion/Resurrection symbol inside - to facilitate discussion of the story. So, I asked the kids what kinds of things were inside the eggs. I was told "things that the bad men used on Jesus because they thought he was mean."

"Like what?", I asked.

"Like cloths, and a whip."

"And a wine glass for wine." (This is where I started to get confused as I don't remember the "bad men" pouring glasses of wine at the Crucifixion - at least it's not one of the Stations of the Cross...)

"What else?", I wondered.

"Oh, you know, that crown of itchy, scratchy thorns. I will never ever touch a rose bush because of those thorns, you know. Ouch!"

"And there was a rock because they buried Jesus in a cave and put a rock in front of it. But he got out. Did you know that Mom? That he got out? Do you think Dad knows that?"

"And dice were in there too."

"Dice? What were those for?", I asked, not recalling the full story.

"The bad men tortured Jesus' clothes with dice." *

"Really? Tortured his clothes?"


The Word of the Lord.

* In fact, the Roman soldiers threw dice to see which of them would win Jesus' seamless tunic.

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