Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Normal Dinner Conversation

During dinner tonight:

G: Mom, who is the president?
Me: George W. Bush
G: Oh. What is a mer-man?
Me: I guess I don't know really. A boy mermaid?
G: I guess so.
(very short pause)
G: Mom, did you know that orangutans are nocturnal?
Me: No, I didn't know that.
G: Nocturnal is another word for oversleeping.
M (unable to stay out of the action): Bats are nocturnal.
G: And earwigs are too. They're nocturnal.
M: What are earwigs?
G: They're insects.
M: How did you know that?
G: It just came from my brain. See? [motioning to his head]
M: It looks kind of little. Like a dinosaur brain. Did you know that dinosaurs have very little brains?

And it went on and on like this. I just lost track of the dialogue. If I hadn't been corraling the babies, I would have just sat down and transcribed it. Maybe I need a court reporter.

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