Saturday, February 23, 2008

Twins and Statistics

Here is C, opening his eyes wide and showing off his super-pretty eyelashes in an attempt to distract you from both the remnants of dinner covering his face and, oh, also from that other child sitting slightly behind him and to the right.

Here is H, typically trying his hardest to ignore C and give me the worst possible angle of his face. It is often hard to ignore C - as you might guess.

And now, a statistic for Cara:

As I was changing the second poopy diaper of the morning (pre-7:30 a.m.) and lamenting the fact that I have probably two more years of double diaper duty, I estimated that, by the time these guys are out of diapers, I will have changed somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 dirty diapers over the course of all four kids. That is really f-ing depressing. And gross. And a whole lot of poo.

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