Sunday, March 9, 2008

M's Fashion Diary, 3/9/08

Depending entirely on my daughter's sartorial choices, I hope to add this as a regular (maybe bi-weekly) feature to "Four Funny Kids." She largely insists on dressing herself. I largely allow her to do so, if she is not leaving the house (i.e. after school and on weekends). She has an interesting sense of style.

This started out innocently as jeans and green long-sleeved t-shirt. And then came the ladies' size S KANSAS t-shirt in hot pink, the summer camp necklace (complete with masking tape nametag), the rose-colored Hello Kitty sunglasses and the pink with silver glitter beret. An altogether kicky look, I think.

There's so much more to this one than the eye can see. At the beginning of the day, there was a black leotard, black chiffon ballet skirt and pink tights. On top of that went the hot pink velour sweatpants and the black long-sleeved T with skull and crossbones. And then later in the day, when she decided to go outside to the driveway to play, she added the satin cami, tulle overskirt and black snow boots. She blew bubbles, rode bikes and scooters and played with the neighbor's new RC truck...

The snow boots came out again a few days later. What you can't see in this photo is the nature of the garment she is wearing under the short-sleeved Hello Kitty t-shirt. I told her that she could wear the Hello Kitty shirt as long as she put on something warm underneath it. Of course, I was thinking of a turtleneck or a long sleeved T. She came out with Hello Kitty barely squeezed over a bulky black Fair Isle ski sweater. Add the glasses and a sassy bow? And you've got an outfit.

It wasn't raining.

I told her she could change after church. She chose to keep her original shirt and tights and add a spaghetti strap sundress she outgrew last summer and Sleeping Beauty dress-up shoes. Wore 'em all day.

I swear to God that I have nothing to do with these ensembles. This was black leggings with a navy and pink striped shirt, topped by her Minnie Mouse Halloween costume and some flower headband that was actually a package bow at one time. Oh! And blue snowflake and penguin socks. The face is her attempt at dissuading me from continually photographing her outfits.

A short while later, she was told that she could not wear her Minnie Mouse dress if she was going to go with J to drop something at a friend's house. This is what she came up with instead. Lost the costume and headband. Added the hot pink Crocs, lime green corduroy jacket and the ubiquitous Hello Kitty sunglasses. And another attempt to keep me from taking the picture.

This is a normal two weeks. I may or may not have another, similar post later this month. Stay tuned...

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