Monday, March 31, 2008

Wildlife at My Back Window

Ahhh, nature. Here are my big kids and my husband during last week's "picnic down by the river." They ate popcorn and raisins and shared a sport bottle of water. M got neither sunburnt nor bug-bitten.

Here is one of the six deer that frequent our backyard. One of its siblings is a little further back in the shadows. You may have to click on these pictures to actually be able to see anything (I love that I'm pretending that you really care about my neighbor deer...)

Here is my good friend, the wild turkey. We don't see this one much - but it marches through from time to time. We also have a raccoon neighbor - but we haven't seen much of her yet. I think she'll move into one of our trees pretty soon to have her babies. I know you'll all be waiting impatiently for a photo. Heh.

And, here is the wildest creature of all...

Isn't he lovely?

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