Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've Created a Monster

My oldest kids never had a security blanket, a "blankie", a "woobie." They did (and still do) sleep with a stuffed animal/blanket - "Puppy" and "Lambie". We're very creative namers that way. If you inspect a few photos on this blog, you're apt to spot at least one of the two sad, worn-out little friends.

Anyway, the babies each have stuffed animal/blanket combos that are in their cribs. They both tend to ignore these little friends - a giraffe and a monkey. But both are always excited to have their blankets at the end of the day. They grip the blankets tightly and rub them over their faces. And lately, C has been finding ways to sneak his blanket out of bed. I'm happy that he has a security object because I think my older kids have always been good sleepers, even away from home, if they have their animal. But I'm having a hard time with the fact that it's a "blankie." He's awfully cute though.

C and said blankie. In the living room. Blankie should be in his crib. He's sneaky that way.

I took this shot just so that you could get some of the effect of his completely unsnapped outfit. It had kind of an assless chaps vibe.

Oh, that face. I.Cannot.Resist.You.

And a fashion shot of M for good measure. I told her it was a bit chilly for a sundress. This was the result of my comment.

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