Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cultural Enlightenment

I took the big kids to a grocery store near church last night. Our church and this grocery are actually in the city - as opposed to the suburbs where we live. They had never been to this particular store before. I just knew it was going to be interesting...

The store sits in a diverse part of town - some working class poor of all ethnicities, lots of undergrad and grad students, some young professionals, artists and hipsters - you get the picture. Basically, it is everything that our lily-white suburban grocery is not.

The following recounts G's "conversations" with various people throughout the store:

"Hey, those are some cool tattoos!" (to a 20-something girl in produce with a full sleeve of tattoos on her left arm)

"Hey dude! Cool tattoos!" (to a wiry guy in baggy Dickies and a wife-beater t-shirt at the butcher counter)

"Hey! It's you, the tattoo girl again!" (to someone who was NOT, in fact, the produce department tattoo girl but had a full sleeve of tattoos on her left arm)

"Hey! Look! That guy looks like a superstar!" (about a black guy in the dairy aisle with a big gold chain and pendant and very shiny basketball shoes)

"Hey! Nice hair." (to a six year old black kid with a four inch afro in the frozen foods section)

M's only cultural observation was outside of the store, on our way into the parking lot:

"Why is there writing all over all the signs?"

Apparently, the suburbs lack graffiti in addition to tattoos and afros. And black guys with gold chains. We gotta get out more...

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