Friday, June 20, 2008

A Bunch of Rotten Ingrates

Yesterday, I took the big kids out for the day. Left the babies with my cousin. We drove down to Union Station, explored the station a bit, watched some trains, walked the pedestrian bridge over the tracks to the Crossroads District for a little while, went back to the station and had milkshakes at the counter of the Harvey House diner and then went to see a play (Tom Sawyer).

After the play, we walked through the elevated walkway that connects the station to the Westin and to the Crown Center shops. We had lunch at Fritz's, the railroad restaurant, and then visited the kid exhibit Moneyville. We capped off our day when I let them run (fully clothed) through the fountains outside. It was just the most awesome day.

We came home and had dinner. Then the big kids headed to swim lessons with J. They returned a short while later because swim lessons were canceled due to lightening. Instead, they drove through Dairy Queen and got milk shakes.

So, when I put them to bed, I told them I had a great day with them and I asked them what their favorite part of the day was. Each of them, separately, gave me the same answer.

"Getting milk shakes with dad instead of swim lessons." Rotten little weasels... *

* Tongue firmly in cheek for those readers who don't know me... :)

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