Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Blog-versary to Me!

It has been one year since I decided to write this blog about my four funny kids! Thank you to everyone who reads. I hope you find my babies as funny as I do.

Today's moment:

G played the first baseball game of the season this afternoon. He was quite pleased with his new moisture-wicking undershirt and socks. Underneath the 100% polyester shirt and pants, I'm sure these probably helped. Anyway, after he was dressed in his uniform, he told me that he was so glad that I bought these for him because he was "protected from sweat-ness."

And then, after the game, he showed my mother how his cup works. He knocked on his crotch, then pulled the cup out of his pants to show her. When I told him that she probably didn't need to hold it, he promptly put it over his nose like a mask and left the room. Mmmmmmmmm. Nice.


  1. Happy One-Year...although I just started reading so I can't say that I've experienced much of the last year! Your kids are definitely cute...and apparently also quite entertaining!

  2. Congratulations on your one year. I just started this month, or at least with this type of blogging. Your site is so cute, you are right, funny kids. Glad I found you.