Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Season is (Finally) Over.

Slicked back hair, courtesy of Coppertone Sport SPF 50

Woohoo! Season's over. My kid's the one doing the weird skip with her hand in the air.

I guarantee you the words coming out of her mouth were "What is for snack?" The most important part of any pre-K soft-T-ball game.

"Good game, goodgame, goodgame, googame, gugae, gugae, gugae."

Heat exhaustion. Ice-filled sippy cups. Snack bar popcorn. Ahhh, summer.

Go Royals. And Go Royals.

An aside - both my big kids' teams were the Royals this year. Other teams had much more creative names. My favorites from the 2008 summer season: girls - Unicorns, Pandas and Bumblebees; boys - Ninjas. Love it!

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