Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is what they do when I'm making dinner.

This is a pile of their fall/winter clothes on my foyer floor.

Look up. This how the clothes got there. And one of the culprits, in the bottom right of the picture.

A view from above. And the other culprit, again on the right.

Not the same clothes. A different pile of clothes discovered in their room upon further investigation.

Three entire drawers had been emptied.

This one was trying to close the door to keep me from seeing the mess.

His mug shot.

Mug shot of suspect #2.

And this just sums up his personality.

p.s Thank you for not judging me on the fact that they are in diapers at dinnertime. They had Chef Boyardee for lunch - for which I strip them down. Then they had naps.

p.p.s. Thank you also for not judging me on the fact that they had Chef Boyardee - totally processed and totally sodium filled - for lunch. H LOVES it. And sometimes we just gotta go with what gets us through the day...

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  1. Oh, this is bringing back so many memories of mine a few years ago...and trust me, we had many pasta meals in diapers!