Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting There...

We've been working for years (literally, years) with G on his conversational skills. It doesn't come easily to him but he's getting much better. Anyway, he apparently tried a cool, casual greeting with his sister yesterday at school. They each reported it to me separately but identically.

M was standing with her class in the "car rider" line at dismissal. G left his class to find her as they (obviously) ride together. Upon reaching her, G tapped her on the back and said,

"Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy little bro! What's up?!"

Upon hearing this, I asked him why he called her "little bro"? His response:

"Uh, because she's my little sister, mom."

Apparently, the "duh" at the end was just implied. And M's response? An equally nonsensical:

"I am NOT your little sister. I am a big sister."

To which I replied:

"You are, in fact, G's little sister. You are C and H's big sister."


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