Wednesday, August 13, 2008


School starts on Monday. Yikes! Today, we picked up everyone's school supplies. Tomorrow, we get class assignments and meet the teachers. Yesterday, though, was the biggest task of all. Back-to-school haircuts.

And I scheduled all four of them at the same time. Mind you, the babies have never had their hair cut anywhere outside of my bathroom counter. But C's hair was turning into the Little Dutch Boy. Or Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men. Both? Are creepy.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh! Haircuts 1 through 4. Here's a photo montage:

Still a few lingering sensory issues. But nothing so bad that it would interrupt his video game.

And after. Did I mention that his teeth are falling out at an alarming rate?!

Yes, M was there too. Watched Shrek and talked the stylist's ear off. Shocking, I know.

"Before" - everything's okay with a sucker. Funny cape? Sucker. Scissors? Sucker. Hair falling in face? Sucker. Hair falling onto sucker? Sucker. Electric trimmer? Who gives a crap, I've got a friggin' sucker, people.

He was watching Dora. And notice the sucker spit on his cape.

"After" - with sucker.

Kicked back. Arm hangin out. Wearing a pink cape. Waiting to get the pompadour cut off. And the mullet curls in the back. It was a sweet look while it lasted.

And yes. A sucker. If only he was still leaning out the side of the car with that stick hanging out of his mouth. A perfectly white T vignette.

And "after." I think he ended up eating about half the lollipop stick. You know how mushy they get after a 19 month old chews on them for a half hour? Delicious.

Three out of four ain't bad. H wouldn't cooperate for a group pic. He's anti-authority lately. Damn the Man.

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