Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two Anecdotes from a Tuesday Morning

M wore hot pink bermuda shorts and a white smocked top with darling eyelet cap sleeves to school today. After I brushed her hair and put a white bow in place, she grabbed a necklace of plastic beads that she strung herself this weekend. Putting it on, she told me "I'm going to wear this necklace today because my shirt is so boring." In her world, that means that it doesn't have something cool on it like Ariel or Hello Kitty.


While waiting in the car line to drop the big kids off at school, I pointed out a woman walking a fluffy white dog. Probably a poodle or poodle-mix of some sort. All the way in the back of the Suburban, I heard M tell G "I think that's a Ninja Smouzer."

I'll wait while you say it out loud. Go on.

(...Miniature Schnauzer.)

Friday, September 19, 2008


I had to take 2 of my 4 to the pediatric urgent care yesterday after dinner. M and C both had fevers that had outlasted a few doses of Motrin and the school nurse told me earlier in the week that strep is making its rounds. So, I packed up all four kids and headed to the doctor's office.

We checked in and the kids played in the waiting area while we waited to be called back. H pulled out a little dump truck meant for pushing around on the floor. He, though, decided to sit on the back of the truck - which promptly "dumped" him headfirst onto the concrete floor. Forehead to concrete. Hard.

I ran across the room and scooped him up. As I held him and asked the front desk receptionist for an ice pack, I watched the bump on his head grow and grow and grow. It was like a cartoon. Except with screaming. And fear of closed head injury.

In that regard, the doctor's office is a pretty convenient place to suffer such an injury. H ended up being triaged ahead of my other two kids and was thoroughly checked out. He is fine. And is sporting a lovely purple oval on his forehead today.

(The other two are fine as well. No strep. Just a virus that causes fevers and bright red throats. Between the three of them, we should buy stock in whatever company manufactures Motrin.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More on Food

Me: M, what did you have for lunch today at school?

M: A roll and chicken nuggets shaped like J's.

G: I had chips with that brown stuff and cheese.


A quick check of the school lunch menu when we got home revealed that today's lunch choices were nachos and fried shrimp.

"Chicken nuggets shaped like J's." Heh.

And "brown stuff"? That's ground beef.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Picky Eater

G [in a really whiny voice while picking at his chicken casserole]: Mom, I don't want to eat these nerds.

Me: They're herbs. Not nerds.

(And for the record, they were actually green beans. I thought he might eat them if I told him they were herbs and spices. And, clearly? We don't eat green beans nearly enough in this house if I assumed that my 6 year old would believe that they were nerds. I mean, herbs.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


G had soccer practice yesterday at 5:30. It was unseasonably chilly for Kansas at about 58 degrees. It had rained earlier in the day and was a bit misty on the way to practice but I didn't even get the umbrella out when we got there. G had on shorts, a long-sleeved T and a track jacket. The rest of us threw on sweatshirts before we left.

Practice was cancelled. Because it was too cold. Are you freakin' kidding me?! The coach said that a lot of parents started calling to see if practice would be called off because of the rain and the cold. Mind you, I had no problem having my 20-month old twins out there with me. No one even had red cheeks! I asked the coach if he reminded those parents that soccer games are played until late October (when it can actually be cold - real cold, like freezing cold). He just gave me a "what are you gonna do?" look. What a wuss.

We ended up staying out there, running the middle school track and playing soccer (including the babies) for another hour. J even came and joined us.

In other news: H now says "puppy" whenever he sees a dog. And then he meows. He is so very bright. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


M: Mom, you should get a job at a shoe store.

Me: Uhh, okay. Why?

M: So that you can make money. Because when you do a job really, really good, people will pay you a lot of money. And you can buy things.

Me: Well, we have enough money.

M: But you need enough to buy things like make-up.

I walked away from a law degree and a career as a trial attorney to stay home with this child. And she wants me to work at Steve Madden? For make-up.