Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two Anecdotes from a Tuesday Morning

M wore hot pink bermuda shorts and a white smocked top with darling eyelet cap sleeves to school today. After I brushed her hair and put a white bow in place, she grabbed a necklace of plastic beads that she strung herself this weekend. Putting it on, she told me "I'm going to wear this necklace today because my shirt is so boring." In her world, that means that it doesn't have something cool on it like Ariel or Hello Kitty.


While waiting in the car line to drop the big kids off at school, I pointed out a woman walking a fluffy white dog. Probably a poodle or poodle-mix of some sort. All the way in the back of the Suburban, I heard M tell G "I think that's a Ninja Smouzer."

I'll wait while you say it out loud. Go on.

(...Miniature Schnauzer.)

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