Friday, September 19, 2008


I had to take 2 of my 4 to the pediatric urgent care yesterday after dinner. M and C both had fevers that had outlasted a few doses of Motrin and the school nurse told me earlier in the week that strep is making its rounds. So, I packed up all four kids and headed to the doctor's office.

We checked in and the kids played in the waiting area while we waited to be called back. H pulled out a little dump truck meant for pushing around on the floor. He, though, decided to sit on the back of the truck - which promptly "dumped" him headfirst onto the concrete floor. Forehead to concrete. Hard.

I ran across the room and scooped him up. As I held him and asked the front desk receptionist for an ice pack, I watched the bump on his head grow and grow and grow. It was like a cartoon. Except with screaming. And fear of closed head injury.

In that regard, the doctor's office is a pretty convenient place to suffer such an injury. H ended up being triaged ahead of my other two kids and was thoroughly checked out. He is fine. And is sporting a lovely purple oval on his forehead today.

(The other two are fine as well. No strep. Just a virus that causes fevers and bright red throats. Between the three of them, we should buy stock in whatever company manufactures Motrin.)

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