Monday, October 6, 2008

Sorry...It's Been Quite a While

I don't know what happened. Life, I guess. Between my last post and tonight, we've had multiple soccer practices, multiple soccer games, two CCD classes (there's some good stories there - I'll share them another time), dance classes, My Gym mommy & me crap with the babies, kindergarten volunteering, 1st grade volunteering, a wedding, early dismissal and four work deadlines. And the website that I run too. It's nuts.

Anyway, here's a good one. M is working on phonetic spelling at school now - doing the whole journaling thing that G was doing this time last year. This is a list she wrote out the other night after she lost her first tooth. (She lost her first tooth! Very dramatic, as to be expected.)

It says:

[Her name]
Ice Cream Set
Toenail Polish
Ariel Costume
A Lamb
Puppets and a Puppet Show

A Plate of Cookies
A Christmas Poem
A Glass of Milk

Tooth Fairy
Golden Wings
A Butterfly Dress
Glass Shoes

Easter Bunny
Tootsie Rolls

By [name]
To Important Friends

I believe it is a list of things she wants for Christmas and things that are somehow related to her "important friends" Santa, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny.


  1. In the pic, think H looks evil and C is just going along with it...

    And lollipops looked like Los Angeles to me. But lollipops probably makes more sense.

  2. I had trouble with "lollipops" too - but she confirmed several times that it was she meant.