Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Politics in the Primary Grades

Monday night, we asked the big kids who they would vote for if they could vote. G said "Brock" Obama. We asked why. He said, "I think he's just the right choice for me." First grade, people.

M, of course, being so in tune with the world, offered that she would choose "Jason McCain."

Then, last night at CCD (religion class), I asked my class of first-graders* who they all voted for at school. Several of them had stickers on their shirts which indicated that they had participated in a school election. I polled all eight of them as well as my 10th grade helper. 9 - 0 for Obama.

So, next time you need to know who's going to win an election? Just ask a bunch of kids who mix up the Our Father and the Pledge of Allegiance on a regular basis. Also? They refer to St. Joseph as Jesus' stepdad.

* I teach first grade Catholic religion on Tuesday nights. Yikes! More stories to come.

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  1. I mean, he kind of is Jesus's stepdad...

    I think they've done kid votes for years and found that they often mimic the general votes. Maybe cause kids often vote like parents?