Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Still Here

Sorry for the lack of funny kid-ness lately. So busy, I can't see straight. Every time I think I'm pulling my head back above water, the angry, evil to-do list monster yanks my feet back under.

Lots of work to be done before year-end. It's not that different from when every plaintiff attorney in town decided that their cases needed to settle before the books closed for the year and the entire month of December was a feeding frenzy. Now it's just writing deadlines, internet retailer shipping deadlines, Christmas decorating, trying to remember to send money in the kids' backpacks for class teacher gifts, more writing deadlines, ad selling, search engine optimizing, marketing strategy formulating and the like. And trying to figure out which invisible, secret fairy is going to clean my eff-ing house overnight while I sleep.

Funny kids soon. I promise.

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