Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Here!

Slightly fewer things on the to-do list. Not really actually, now that I think about it. Things drop off and new things get added. I've been at the computer most of the day, trying to get a few things completed. Oh, I also watched the snow.

The snow makes it a lot easier to see the various wildlife in the wooded area behind our house. Today, four deer and a mangy coyote. I had only caught a couple glimpses of the coyote before, usually from afar. This afternoon, he trotted right past my window - even stopped to shake the snow from his fur. He was probably hungry. Keep your pocket dogs inside, neighbors.


Last weekend, G and I spent about an hour working on an Usborne archaeology set that he received for his birthday from one of my sisters. It was really pretty cool.

Sweet safety glasses? Check.

Hammer and chisel thingies? Check.

Brush to clean the excavation site? Check.

Priceless Egyptian artifacts unearthed from centuries-old pyramid? Well...not exactly.

Plastic replicas of things that look kinda Egypt-y? You got it.

Fun with my kid without the presence of a piece of electronics? CHECK!!!

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