Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am wonderfully amazed that my children have no idea why today is so historic. In their lives, it is not unusual that the President of the United States is African-American. And that is so cool that I choke back tears just to type it.

Mostly, they are excited that two little kids are moving into the White House today. To them, that is the coolest thing that will happen on this day. And that innocent thought alone is pretty freaking awesome. I love it.

I am hopeful today that the President will have an administration that will give his detractors little to complain about, one that will stand up to the historic position his election created, one that will make those who went before him and those who elected him proud, one that will make this country better than it is today. He can certainly talk the talk. Now is the time to walk the walk.

For my children, I hope that the excitement continues well beyond today.

(And I just saw Malia Obama videotaping her dad giving his inaugural address with her digital point-and-shoot camera. It's just a home video to her. Soooo cute!)

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