Saturday, January 31, 2009

Infomercial Madness Comes to Life

So, you know how my kids are obsessed with infomercials? The Space Bag, the Buxton Organizer, the Craft-Lite Cutter, Mighty Putty? (Current favorite is, of course, the Snuggie.)

Today, C dumped someone's leftover milk off the kitchen counter. All over the floor, cabinets, counter stool. J started wiping it up. I grabbed a rag and was running it under the faucet to follow behind, when M came into the kitchen.

"Wait! I'll get the Shamwow!" she said as she ran to the laundry room.

Yes, Internets. We are proud owners of the Shamwow. (And also, Debbie Meyer's Green Bags, which Santa brought for G's stocking. Heh.) In my defense (a weak one, I'll admit), I didn't order the Shamwow from Tony on TV. I bought them at Target from an As Seen on TV endcap. Because I'm a sucker.


  1. I just bought the Shamwow at Target. Mark thought I was crazy when I got excited when I saw them. When we got home, he split some water on the floor and I told him, "Don't move, I'll get my Shamwow!" - Nedra

  2. I'm assuming you saw this: