Friday, February 13, 2009

My Breezy Kitchen

I was sitting at my kitchen table working on a writing project while dinner was in the oven earlier. And I kept feeling a very cold draft at my legs. I looked around. All doors and windows within eyesight were closed. All of my children were in the hearth room, watching TV. And whining about dinner.

I got up and walked into the living room and foyer to see if the doors and the chimney flue were closed. They were.

A blast of freezing air hit me at the top of the stairs to the basement.

I ran down the stairs to find the back door wide open. It's 32 degrees out. And my evil 2 year old monkeys had turned the heat off. (New obsession. They drag the piano stool to the thermostat and mess with it. I'm looking into those clear plastic covers with locks they have at schools.) I'm fairly confident they unlocked the door and it blew open in the weather today.

No idea how long it was open. I was immediately searching the basement - tv room, toy room, bar, bedroom, bathroom, unfinished storage. No, not for intruders. For animals. Our house backs up to woods that are teeming with raccoons, turkeys, coyotes, snakes, rabbits, deer, foxes, opossum and more. All appeared clear. But I'll be sleeping with one eye open tonight. And going to Babies R Us for more safety latches in the morning.

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