Friday, February 27, 2009

This is What It Has Come To

My mother has offered to stay overnight with the kids this weekend so that J and I can go out, hang out, relax, get a hotel room, eat, shop, drink, whatever.

I'm madly doing laundry, cleaning, trying to finish up work, etc. so that I can actually do the relaxing part. Hafta stock the fridge so that Mom doesn't have to trudge out with four kids or order out.

So, after I pick the kids up from school, we're headed to SuperTarget. Why not the grocery store? Well, largely because I also have to get a birthday present for G to take to a party on Sunday (my sister, god bless her, is taking him to the party). And the babies could each use a cheap pair of shoes to get them through to summer.

But also on my list? Something cute to wear this weekend. And maybe some fun underwear. Not Victoria's Secret and Banana Republic. Freakin' Target.

So. This is what it has come to. 37 years old. Married almost 10 years. Four kids. And I'm buying milk, frozen waffles, diapers, Bakugan toys and sexy panties all in the same place. I give up.

1 comment:

  1. But you have to admit, for as long as you'll wear the sexy underthings on any given occasion, it might as well be from Tar-zhay. And, they do have some very pretty things!