Friday, March 13, 2009


I can't believe it even took this long. Last night, at a four way stop, I said (to another car/driver), "JESUS! Is anyone going to give me a turn?"

C said "Jebus, jebus, jebus . . . jebus . . . jebus, jebus" the entire rest of the way home.

I'm just pleased it wasn't "fuck". That's already what they call forks though.


In other news, spring break started yesterday. I'm looking forward to and dreading the next 10 days.

And I'm exhausted, which tends to slow entries to this blog severely. My writing is going other places - family law websites, criminal law websites, law firm websites, kids' activities websites, kids' clothing websites, criminal law trial summaries. And my energy is going there too - along with the energy I give to my kids. So, I'm tired. I hope that my kids are entertaining enough over break that I have some stories to share!

Happy St. Patrick's Day next week to everyone - and this weekend for earlier partiers and parade-goers....

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