Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Cookie House with Mom

Those who know me know that I'm not an artsy-craftsy mom. Sometimes I wish I was. But most of the time, I like being able to get the kids started on a project and let them complete it on their own. More quiet for me!

But I do like building things with them. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle? Yep. Three hours later, it was built. 500 piece jigsaw puzzles? Yep. Usually finish them on my own after the kids have given up, gotten bored and wandered away. (Come to think of it, that's what happens with Legos too.)

And this. Not a gingerbread house for Christmas - a sugar cookie house for Easter. Weird. But $7 at Target. They loved it. And it required no baking.

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