Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of Beer and Beards.

I had the pleasure of having two six-year-old girls in my car for a little while this afternoon. I dropped G at his soccer practice and was on my way to take M and her friend Leah to their soccer practice.

But they forgot their water bottles. So, I drove through McDonald's and bought them each a bottle of Dasani water.

While in the line, they tried to get me to order them sodas. No such luck, ladies. Their failure launched the following discussion:

M: I really like Dr. Pepper.
L: I usually get Sprite. Well, sometimes chocolate milk. But usually Sprite.
M: Oooh, I like Sprite too. And root beard.
L: I like beard.
M: YOU drink BEARD?!?!
L: Yes.
L: Yes. Well, kid beard.
M: Which is Dr. Pepper.

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