Friday, April 10, 2009

Slug Bugs

The big kids have had a fierce running battle over "slug bugs" for many years. They started as preschoolers, spotting VW Beetles and yelling, "[insert color here] SLUG BUG! NO TAG-BACKS!"

They did not, and still do not, know that the game really requires that you "slug" someone when you spot the Bug. Thus, "no tagbacks."

M claims that she has thousands and millions of slug bugs and is, therefore, the perennial front-runner in the competition. So, good mother that I am, I help G beat her whenever possible.

The other day, I was driving G home from piano (Okay, fine. We were on our way to McDonald's after piano. Sue me.) And I saw a vintage Beetle, based on the vintage car plates it had, I'd venture to guess that it was a '72. That Beetle and me? Guess we're both "vintage."

Anyway. I pointed it out to G and said, "Hey! Check out that old slug bug!"

"Oh. My. Gosh. Mom! That is so old! It must be from like. or something!"


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