Saturday, April 18, 2009

So Curious

My husband is at the lake with a friend on a fishing trip this weekend. He called earlier and said that it was raining, so they would be staying in tonight instead of night-fishing for catfish. (Yeah. I don't know either. Weird.)

So, I got the kids to bed. I cleaned the kitchen. I sat down to watch Iron Chef America (which was super-lame, by the way. Does it always suck?) and the phone rang. It was 10:20pm.

"Hey. Quick question. Is Jose Feliciano blind?"


"I knew it! Thanks."

Wow. Big night at the lake.

A bit later, I got a text.

"When did Gitmo open?"

Two 39 year old drunk guys. Smelling like fish. Eating chicken. Drinking beer. Talking about visually-impaired guitarist-singers and enemy combatants.


  1. I had to Google search Jose Feliciano...

  2. Feliz Navidad...Police got my dad
    Feliciano to Gitmo...?

    Carol W