Thursday, April 2, 2009


My 7 year old, this afternoon: "Mom, my life is just a little....umm...geek-ish."

Me: "Geek-ish? What does that mean?"

G: "You know, like I'm a geek."

Me: "What is a geek?"

G: [pause] "I have no idea."


  1. aw. This kind of breaks my heart.

  2. Except I really don't think he knows what that means. I think it's just a word he heard on TV. And, I told him that I thought geeks were super cool anyway. 'Cause seriously? Geeks are good.

  3. Do you think maybe he heard it at school?

    of course, the word "geek" sounds, in and of itself, kind of awkward and strange. maybe he was going off the sound.

    this reminded me of something a spanish-teacher friend of mine told me. In spanish (and most other languages, according to him), there aren't any words that translate english words like "geek" "dork" "nerd" "bookworm" - i.e. there aren't any words that are used denegrate someone who is smart. The only word my friend could think of is a slang term - "freaky" - which when used properly means that someone is really obsessed over some one thing (like, Justin Timberlake, or dinosaurs).

    Geeks ARE good. We're just dumb enough as a culture to act like they're not. :)