Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Rockin' Wednesday Night at Our House

We have a largely finished basement but there is a portion (it's actually under the garage) that is still unfinished and we call it the dungeon. The dungeon is where all of J's music equipment is - you might remember that he plays in a band from this post or this post.

The kids are only allowed back there when one of us is with them - so it's a big treat. All four of them like to play the electronic drums. The bigger ones are showing some interest in learning to play the guitar.

Here is a glimpse into some family time in the dungeon:

J on the Drums on Vimeo.

My 39-year-old playing the drums - and a few other folks.

The tricycle that H is riding? Was mine as a toddler.

And I didn't realize how anti-paparazzi C is.

M was there (you saw her briefly) but I think G was reading a book somewhere. Shortly after this was recorded, we left for Red Lobster. (And if you enjoyed reading about Red Lobster, you might need to check out the Red Lobster Server blog. Oh. My. God.)

This is how we roll.

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