Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weird Mommy Fail Day

It has rained every weekend since the beginning of April. The kids have played two of their regularly-scheduled six soccer games thus far. Rain-out make-up games have been rained out. Practices have been rained out. Fields are swishy and muddy and nasty.

But all of the cancellations have freed up my schedule a bit and that's been nice.

Today, though, we were supposed to have an 8am softball practice, a 9:30 soccer game, an 11am baseball practice and a 2pm soccer game. The first soccer game got called last night because of soggy, messy fields.

M and J left for the softball practice at 7:55 with droopy eyes and sweatshirts. A few minutes later, J called and asked me to confirm the practice location. I hopped onto my email and replied that practice was at the middle school. The one he was standing at. Alone. Ultimately, no practice. We still don't know why.

G and I left at 10:45 for baseball practice. We got the the elementary school ball fields and saw only one team of pre-k kids. I looked at my calendar on my phone and realized that I was in the wrong place. Nope, Saturday practices were at a different field. 20 minutes away. Frack.

I drove my monster SUV like a bat-out-of-hell to the other fields. Pulled into the parking lot at 11:25. Three of the four fields were in use. Field #4 was empty. No one. Nada. No team.

I called J and had him check the master calendar on the recreation department website. "May 2nd, 11am, Field #4" Yep. And yet no one was there. Frack. Frack.

WTF was going on? How did I miss TWO emails about practices canceled? Almost in tears, I headed out. Maybe I'll run some errands as long as I'm out.

At the post office, we wait in line for the self-service machine. I needed postcard stamps for a high school reunion mailer. Got the machine and, you guessed it, it doesn't sell postcard stamps. Had to get in the 15 minute line for a window clerk.

Got the stamps. Headed to the sub shop to order lunch for everyone. Ordered and sat down to wait for sandwiches. 20 minutes later, nothing. I walked back up to the counter and inquired. As the cashier disappeared into the kitchen to find my sandwiches, the guy behind me said, "I think I've got your sandwiches."

He had called in an order and picked it up a few minutes earlier. When he got home, he realized that the sandwiches in the order weren't his. They were mine. He turned out to be a high school classmate of mine, a close friend of a friend too. So, I just grabbed the bag from him and left. We ended up being there for over 30 minutes waiting on subs.

So, anyway, if this day doesn't start looking up soon, I'll be either heading to bed or to the liquor cabinet. Or maybe both.

Oh, looked through my email and found out that, despite every other team in the league starting practice this week, G's baseball coach decided to start next week. There never was a practice scheduled for today. Frack.

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