Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tough Guy

Seven-year-old boys are kinda weird. Let's just get it out there. I said it. It's true.

Actually, boys in general are kinda weird from age five until age...well, whatever. Boys are weird.

Here's G showing me how tough he is with the pseudo-mohawk he had for five minutes while his father buzzed him. He couldn't even keep a straight face.

I love this kid.

And,yes, mother, it's gone now.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

At the Zoo

My people. A whole afternoon with just my five favorite people. (And the animals and other freaks at the zoo.)

Friday, June 26, 2009

High School Graduation or Wedding Reception?

When would be the best time to pull this one out of the old archives?

Sandals but no pants? Check.
Fruit snacks? Check.
Kickass sweatband on each wrist, just so he doesn't lose his grip on the snacks due to slick perspiration? Check.
Forrest-Gump-on-the-bench position? Check.

Oh yes. This photo will be very useful to me in the future...mwahaha...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Loving Thought

My great-aunt* retired a few weeks ago after working at the same job for 30 years (I think it was about 30 years. Coulda been 25...). Anyway, my mom hosted a party to celebrate the retirement. I took the big kids and they made cards.

Here is M's card for Aunt Donna. Made without any prompting as to what it should say. I absolutely love it. Call Hallmark.


You have
wrct vary hard.
Now you can
stae home.
Love, M

*Although she is my great-aunt, she is only 11 years older than my mom.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

And More Happy Father's Day!

Just saw this over at Stephanie's blog, Adventures in Babywearing. Made me laugh out loud. Thought I'd share.

Happy Father's Day!

The father of my four funny kids.

(What you can't see is that, having heard the lens auto-focus, he was flipping me off just out of range. It was such a tender moment.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who Doesn't Love These?

Really. Is there anyone out there that doesn't love these little poppers? I have no earthly idea why I still think they're so fun - but when I saw the display at Target yesterday, I had to buy four boxes. The kids hadn't even seen them yet when I squeeeee'd and ran to put them in our cart.

Weird, I know.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

For Cara

I'm sitting at my kitchen table working, a slight breeze blowing in the back door. Babies are napping. Husband is at his own computer. Kids are watching some piece-of-crap cartoon on TV in the basement. The quiet is tremendously satisfying.

And then...

Up the stairs comes my 7-year-old son, panting, near tears and in a panic.

"Mom! Mom!"


"Did you really say that if I tooted one more time, I'd have to go to my room for ten hours?!" [His voice cracking with palpable anxiety.]


"Did you tell me if I tooted one more time, I'd have to go to my room for ten hours?!"

"Did your sister tell you that?"

"YES?!" [Voice still registering whiny panic.]

Friday, June 12, 2009

Four Funny Faces

The freckles are really coming out on my older kids' faces this summer. They were simply unavoidable. My husband and I are both freckle-faced and -shouldered. We can slather as much sunscreen on as we want - still freckles. I embraced mine early on - and my kids like theirs. I'm glad. I like them too.

At the Browne's Market Irish Street Fair, June 2009

And then there's these two. Their freckles will come, I'm sure. Probably not for another year or two. But as much as these little guys make me mad/crazy/tired/crazy/frustrated/anddidImentioncrazy, look at these faces. Sigh. I can't get enough of these faces.

At the playground, May 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fight! Fight! Fight!


A case of the hurt feelings.

Beg mom to pick me up and console me because the mean twin did mean things.

A typical day in the life...fight, whine, whine some more.

Is it terrible that I grabbed the camera instead of breaking it up? Nah.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June in Kansas

People all over town are bitching about the cooler temps we've had so far this summer. "It's June, I'm tired of the rain, It should be hot, blah, blah, whine, whine, bitch, bitch, blergh."

Talk to me in mid-July, jerks. It'll be so fucking hot on the baseball diamond bleachers that the sweat will be running down your back and into your butt crack like Niagara Falls. And then you'll be bitching about the heat and the electric bill and your hair and the humidity. So, bite me.

I like this mild weather. It enables us to live outside and enjoy our yard without changing clothes three times a day due to sweat.

The little boys love to eat out on the deck. A very nutritious lunch of hot dogs (with ketchup, yum!), pretzel sticks and apple sauce.

A stalker in the trees below the deck:

Oh hi! It's just Dad, pruning dead branches off the redbud.

This is why I like a mild June after a very rainy spring. This is my backyard, people! It's heavenly.

Except for the bugs. And the motherfriggin' deer that eat all landscaping. And the raccoons that are just creepy. And the snakes. And that coyote. And the large bobcat/puma/some big freakin' cat that my husband saw walking the creek a few weeks ago. Hate the squirrels and the woodpeckers too.

I do like the owls, the foxes and the turkeys. And the cardinals and bluebirds. And the trees and the sound of the creek running beneath those trees.

But if you know of any plantings that deer just hate but are still super pretty and cool, let me know. I need to plant back there but I hate to use the nursery as a feed store for Bambi and his fam.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Terrible Twos

I just realized that I started this blog two years ago this week! June 2, 2007.

This blog started on a whim, to serve as a diary of the funny things my children do and say. I barely knew how blogs worked when I started. And now, two years later, I write (much of it, blogging) for a (part-time) living. Okay, "living" might be stretching it - let's leave it at supplemental income...

I'm blessed to be able to do this from home with the flexibility to be with my kids. I'm blessed by a husband who thinks that my total web-geekiness is kinda cool. (Who knew HTML and CSS were sexy?)

Thanks to those who read my thoughts here and elsewhere. I hope I've entertained you in some small way and I hope you'll stick around for another year. (As my toddlers start talking more and more, the material for this blog will be bountiful...stay tuned.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Efforts to Bring You Everything You Never Knew You Needed Journey and Bonnie Tyler videos and this bottle opener. Genius.

Available at, $20.83

Seriously, this is brilliant! I wish my fridge didn't have custom wood panels on the front or I would buy this. I would buy one for my garage fridge or my basement fridge but I'm not sure how much use it would get in those places.

Wow. I sound ridiculous, talking about my "custom wood panels" and my multiple fridges. I'm SOOOO fancy and important with all of my large appliances. What an asshole.

Actually, the garage fridge came with our first house. Very bottom of the line. No ice-maker - but an excellent holder of extra milk, beer and frozen pizzas.

The basement fridge was the fridge purchased for our second house because the first fridge didn't match any appliances and didn't have an ice-maker. And God knows, my husband couldn't function much longer without an ice-maker. (In fact, he's just the gadget-king of the midwest.)

The "custom wood panel" fridge came with this house. It matches the cabinets and keeps stuff cold. But won't accept any magnets. Thus, my magnet bottle opener envy.

Someone, buy one and let me know how cool it is.

Am I the Last Person to See These?

Whenever I come across a "viral" video on the internet, I always assume that everyone else has seen it. But then my husband - who is a YouTube junkie - somehow missed the original Susan Boyle/Britain's Got Talent video until like three weeks later. I still love that video by the way - not so much for SuBo (as Perez Hilton is stupidly calling her) but for how adorable Simon Cowell is when surprised. Yes, I just said Simon Cowell is adorable.

Anyway, am I the only one who hasn't seen these literal videos yet? They're like my law-school guilty pleasure "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" but set to '80s music. Am I disclosing way too much of my inner nerd here? Shut up.



*and the one freaking time I want to embed a freaking YouTube video into a post and YouTube is a mess this afternoon. I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for this shit to load. I hope it loads for you, my millions (or tens) of readers....