Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Am I the Last Person to See These?

Whenever I come across a "viral" video on the internet, I always assume that everyone else has seen it. But then my husband - who is a YouTube junkie - somehow missed the original Susan Boyle/Britain's Got Talent video until like three weeks later. I still love that video by the way - not so much for SuBo (as Perez Hilton is stupidly calling her) but for how adorable Simon Cowell is when surprised. Yes, I just said Simon Cowell is adorable.

Anyway, am I the only one who hasn't seen these literal videos yet? They're like my law-school guilty pleasure "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" but set to '80s music. Am I disclosing way too much of my inner nerd here? Shut up.



*and the one freaking time I want to embed a freaking YouTube video into a post and YouTube is a mess this afternoon. I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for this shit to load. I hope it loads for you, my millions (or tens) of readers....


  1. Why had I never seen the original Bonnie Tyler video? What the hell??? The 80s were weird...

  2. My daughter just showed me my first 'literal video' was A-ha's "Take On Me" LOVED IT!

  3. Claire wrote about this:,8599,1904508,00.html