Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June in Kansas

People all over town are bitching about the cooler temps we've had so far this summer. "It's June, I'm tired of the rain, It should be hot, blah, blah, whine, whine, bitch, bitch, blergh."

Talk to me in mid-July, jerks. It'll be so fucking hot on the baseball diamond bleachers that the sweat will be running down your back and into your butt crack like Niagara Falls. And then you'll be bitching about the heat and the electric bill and your hair and the humidity. So, bite me.

I like this mild weather. It enables us to live outside and enjoy our yard without changing clothes three times a day due to sweat.

The little boys love to eat out on the deck. A very nutritious lunch of hot dogs (with ketchup, yum!), pretzel sticks and apple sauce.

A stalker in the trees below the deck:

Oh hi! It's just Dad, pruning dead branches off the redbud.

This is why I like a mild June after a very rainy spring. This is my backyard, people! It's heavenly.

Except for the bugs. And the motherfriggin' deer that eat all landscaping. And the raccoons that are just creepy. And the snakes. And that coyote. And the large bobcat/puma/some big freakin' cat that my husband saw walking the creek a few weeks ago. Hate the squirrels and the woodpeckers too.

I do like the owls, the foxes and the turkeys. And the cardinals and bluebirds. And the trees and the sound of the creek running beneath those trees.

But if you know of any plantings that deer just hate but are still super pretty and cool, let me know. I need to plant back there but I hate to use the nursery as a feed store for Bambi and his fam.

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